About Us


Kirwan Sports Club is a feel-good story one that has a fairy tale ending. Formerly known as Thuringowa City Bowls Club up until July 2012. Thuringowa Bowls was a well-established club for over 30 years in the Townsville suburb of Kirwan and in its early days was one of the best bowls clubs in the area. Unfortunately, in its last five years the club was struggling to keep its doors open and was haemorrhaging money in 2012. The management committee at that time reached out to the board of Brothers Leagues Club. Desperate to save their club and favourite pass time and in the face of crippling debt the bowls club was mere months away from closure.

At their behest, Brothers stepped in and assumed control of the club. It set in motion a long term plan the Brothers board had to not only restore but grow the ailing club.

With the initial injection of over $1.2 million dollars, Brothers could rid the bowls club of the debt, carry out some much-needed building maintenance and most importantly provide bowlers with first class bowling facilities including two new synthetic greens (one with retractable shade) guaranteeing their future for years to come.

Some five years later and a major renovation (over $2 million dollars) Kirwan Sports Club has become a force to be reckoned with in the Townsville region. Since it formed in July 2012 the club has experienced rapid growth year in year out and thus allowing it to reinvest in to the Townsville community.

With the backing and support from our Mother Club and foresight from the Board and CEO of Brothers Leagues Club Townsville, Kirwan Sports made a clear  statement to the Townsville region by being awarded 2014 Best Bowls Club (small) Queensland, 2017 Best Club North Queensland, 2017 Best Social Club (small) Queensland and recently awarded Best Gaming Venue (small) Queensland. Between both Brothers and Kirwan Sports the Group has won Best Club North Queensland 8 times.


Keno Club’s Queensland Awards for Excellence

  • 2018 Best Gaming Venue QLD (small)
  • 2017 Best Club North Queensland
  • 2017 Best Social Club QLD (small)
  • 2014 Best Bowls Club QLD (small)

Dress Code

Kirwan Sports Club’s dress standards apply to all members and guest.
The following standards apply at all times:

  • No singlets or sleeveless shirts
  • No hats or headwear
  • No Swimwear
  • Minimal midriff
  • No obscene clothing
  • No bare feet

After 6pm the following also applies:

  • No Untidy, faded or frayed clothing
  • No Soiled work clothes

Visit us

Open 10am - 2am 7 days a week

Address:159 Bamford Lane
Townsville, Queensland
Phone:(07) 4773 1223
Kirwan Sports Club